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Are you Tired of a typical 9 – 5 job. Do you want more time freedom. No room to advance in your job. Looking for Tremendous growth. The online world is Growing everyday.  In today’s age, online business is very easily obtainable for the average person. Everything can be learned online. It just requires the right training. You never stop learning. That means that every day every week, you are going to get better and more efficient, and your profibility just keeps growing and growing. Are you thinking of going to college to work for someone, Sure if it makes you happy. But if you want an opportunity for complete financial and time freedom, you can achieve that online, with affiliate marketing, to selling on amazon, to creating software companies, that can set you for life, to creating Websites for clients, to marketing for local buisnesses, to  many more. Affiliate Marketing allows you to pretty much sell almost any item that you want or that interests you. You can sell around your passions or hobbies, without having to actually work for a specific company. From creating videos, to posting advertisments on Facebook, creating blog sites, creating websites. Everything that you learn you can then even teach and sell courses. It is absolutely limitless. You dont even need a buisness license to do affiliate marketing. You can start right now, it just requires a little creativity.

Best Web Hosting Companies 2018

The Servers That Power Our Websites

    Fast Comet runs on SSD servers which are faster and cheaper than HDD. Free Domain , 24/7 support and chat, they help with SEO


    Siteground runs on SSD servers. One of the Fastest online hosting providers, Has the absolute best 24/7 phone tech support. Very cheap hosting

    A2 Hosting runs on SSD Servers and are one of the cheapest providers to go with but still have amazing 24/7 phone support such as Siteground.  These two are the leading providers.

    Clickfunnels is Landing page central. The absolute fastest way to create landing pages, split testing, just pick a layout, edit and add your content

    Divi WordPress Theme

    DIvi Builder

    The One and only Divi Theme and page builder. Make a website easily, gorgeous and effeciently with the Divi Theme. Only availabe from Elegant themes. 24/5 customer support. Access to all of elegant themes, Premium themes and layouts.  My #1 method to creating a WordPress Website. 

    Affiliate Marketing

    What is Affiliate Marketing?

    Affiliate Marketing is promoting other companies offers mostly on the web, in many different ways and you earn a commission for each sale. It’s essentially a sales job where, you don’t need to actually speak but find creative ways to show offers in front of a potential buyer. You grab these offers through affiliate programs or Cpa networks. Almost every single retailer on the web needs affiliates to help promote their products, from physical, to digital courses and training, services, to entertainment, Some of these retailers are Amazon, Best Buy, Online courses, Zappos, vitamin shoppe, Sephora. You can usually find their affiliate programs at the bottom of their website. You get the potential buyer to the retailer’s website and they take care of the rest. However the better convincing you are the more likely a customer is to purchase the product right away that your selling.

    How will the Retailers track my Sales?

    This is done by affiliate link tracking. You will be provided a link or html code, usually link. This special link would direct to the merchants product and be coded with your tracking Id. Once it is clicked it would enable a Browser cookie that would be stored on their computer, ip address, or customer account, for usually 30 days, 60, 90, 120, or even the entire lifetime of that customer. That is called the referral period. They don’t have to buy right away, if they were to visit the site again and buy anytime within that referral period you not only get commission for that product, but anything else they buy from that Merchant, within the referral period. So repeat customers keep you earning commissions while you are busy doing other things. Thats the power of affiliate marketing

    How do you promote these offers?

    You promote the offers by setting up landing pages or websites, facebook posts, instagram posts, YouTube videos, facebook ads, bing ads, Google ads PPC “Pay Per Click” and  many more. In order to promote offers you have to be the owner or administrator of a platform, for instance facebook, you have to be the administrator of your page or group, or your own account where you post offers.. You can sell on your own website. or YouTube videos allow you to post offers, since you are the administrator of that channel. Or sell off of your website. A landing page is a very short quick website that convinces a little on the product. Clickfunnels is one of the best and easiest, high converting landing page platforms, that already has landing pages set up and they are optimized for mobile viewing, You just do quick editing and add your content and affiliate links. The landing pages are already tested and optimized to convert. There’s no guesswork and page building needed.

    What type of niche should you go into?

    You can sell around anything that interests you, anything that you know alot about. Women actually have a huge advantage compared to men, because they can easily sell other products to women that they know alot about like skin care , etc. You Can build an empire around affiliate marketing. 1 or 2 niches is best for the long term. You might not make alot in the beginning, But it can slowly start scaling up to the where it can set you up for life. Check out this niche. Outdoorgearlab is a pure affiliate website that refers other peoples products and has hundred of thousands of views per month. They probably started small but have now set up their empire money making machine. There can be niches that no one has even started but you could make it a success.

    Is making a website easy?

    You have 3 options for making a website. There is website builders like WIX “True drag and drop builder” which are sometimes integrated into hosting plans that are generally pretty easy. Most hosting plans also have wordpress, which is pretty much the best website building platform and fully customizable. Its not the easiest there is a learning curve which will take a little time to get used to. Which is why web designers make so much money. But It is filled with downloadable plug ins that allow you to design a website exactly how you would like. You can make online stores with wordpress, with PayPal buttons and shopping carts, to gather credit card information. Elementor Is a free website builder plug in that you can use on wordpress that will make it easier. However the absolute easiest and extremely customizable website builder I recomend is Called Divi. Divi is a theme and website builder plug in, thats available from Elegeant Themes. It has become the #1 used theme on wordpress. It makes creating websites fast and a joy and is filled with templates already set up at a push of a button. All you do is edit and add your own content. You can probably become a pro at learning how to use it in just 1 day. It might seem a little pricey at first but it is totally worth it. Elegant themes also offers a full 30 day money back guarantee. And since its on wordpress you can still use the other great plug ins.

    How to make a website?

    You need to buy a hosting plan and Domain name from a hosting provider. There are many to choose from but many people start off with companies that dont meet their needs. You can view the absolute Best Hosting companies Here. From there they can help you install wordpress to install your website, or use one of their website builders.

    How else can I make money online?

    Not sure affiliate marketing will be for you, Once you know how to make a website you can sell your services on Fiverr, and make $200 per website design. Once your a pro you can increase your price. You can sell facebook marketing campains to local buisnesses. Make landing pages for affiliate marketers. Many people look to expand their skills, and sell their services on Fiverr.

    Affiliate CPA Networks

    CJ Affiliate – Its very easy to get into and its like the google of affiliate networks, lots of major retailors are on there. You apply and you are accepted. You write what you know and how you promote, list your website. You then can join affiliate retailers on there by clicking the join icon and they might review your application.

    MaxBounty – You need to know terms and go over your strategy. one of the more difficult ones. There will be a quick phone interview 5 – 10 mins going over what you know and how you plan to promote these offers. They will ask again your questions in the application, so be sure to remember them. I would take a screen shot. 

    Peerfly – VeryEasy to get accepted into, not as high offers like MaxBounty or Cash Network but its a start.

    Bizprofits – They like to know your income level of affiliate marketing per month.

    Cash Network – One of the harder ones to get accepted into. You need a affiliate to Refer you to this network, and you need to show proof like a screenshot that your already making good money in order to get accpeted.

    Amazon Associates – Extremely easy to get accepted, instant acces, all you need to provide is a website or youtube channel url, or facebook. But they check back on your website Url after your 3rd sale, and can shut you down for many reasons, there is no way to get your account back just reapply and dont make the same mistake.  Make sure to leave their disclaimer on your website.

    My recomended networks for complete beginners are CJ affiliate, Amazon Associates, and Peerfly. Another great place to find networks is at


    Where Can I Get Copyright Free Images

    Very Helpful Affiliate Tools

    link shortenter software – makes long links look shorter and neater

    link shortenter software – makes long links look shorter and neater. You can also save all your links here

    Create facebook ads, youtube thumbnails, logos facbook cover photos to the perfect size

    Create a custom logo in minutes

    Freelance website for many online services to be performed from seo, website design, pro resumes, video editing, Logo design all for just 5 dollarsand you can sell your services

    Free automated email capture software

    Screenshot Tool

    The “Snipping tool” is available in your windows apps. Just search it in the Navigation Menu, and quickly and easily send screenshots whenever you need.

    Hire filipino professionalls online for seo, virtual assistants, pro marketers, editors. $49 a month – Very good site


    Freelance website for many online services to be performed from seo, website design, pro resumes, video editing, Logo design and you can sell your services too


    Email list Capture software, $19 a month but easier to use than mail chimp.


    Affiliate marketing Terms and definitions

    Keyword Tool 

    Alternative to Google Keyword planner, still quick and easy to use.


    Udemy sells online video courses very cheaply to thousands and millions of viewers worldwid. The first course is usually under $50 and then they remarket and sell courses to you for as low as 10 dollars.

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