The Best Web Hosting Sites Of 2018

Siteground #1 for wordpress

I’ve tried many and Siteground is by far the best. Cheapest, Very fast runs on newer technology ssd servers and the absolute best 24/7 real Tech support, on the phone and chat that know what they are talking about. Others are just highly Marketed. Siteground focuses on quality. They are ranked as number #1 in site speed with their ssd servers. Which is vital for your web visitors experience. If your new to website design, your going to need some tech help when you get stuck and fast. They are also integrated with weeblys website builder. Try them out 30 day refund policy.


A2 Hosting #2 for wordpress

Running on SSD Servers A2 Hosting is equally competitive with Siteground. They both offer 24/7 phone tech support. which is pretty rare. These are the leading hosting Companies for wordpress. A2 does not have a website builder they work with, so they are only optimized for wordpress. They do how ever offer unlimited storage and website visitors, and are slightly cheaper than Siteground. I would definetly give these guys a try as you will be more than pleased. 30 dat money back guarantee

Fastcomet #3 wordpress

Fast comet is a newer company that not to many have heard of, but are rapidly growing and expanding with over 7 server locations, and 24/7 tech support, by guys that seem to be pretty techy. SSD only servers, they are known for their very fast website speeds. Free domain with sign up. They have their own website builder which works decently, but they strive for wordpress. They have a 45 day money back guarantee.



Tmd Hosting #4 wordpress

Tmd Also runs on SSd servers and 24/7 ticket tech support. They are another alternative to Fastcomet and Siteground. They have integrated with Weeblys website builder. You also get a free domain with sign up, 60 day money back guarantee.



Hostgator website builder and wordpress

The Very well known and famous hostgator has been around for very long and has 24/ 7 support but a little more expensive but they have a true drag and drop website builder with many templates to choose from.  Or you also have the option to run your site with wordpress. However keep in mind with website builders you have to account that they don’t always work well for viewing on a mobile device. You have to precisely place them in a correct position. 45 Day money back guarentee.


Wix website builder

Wix is the absolute easiest way to get started with your confidence on building a website. You can visit them right away and start designing your website for free no charge. They are true 100% drag and drop wherever you choose website builders. They are not as fast on website speed for the average pricing , but they can be if you just upgrade your plan and pay a little more. This is for the people that just want to make a website fully customized as fast as possible without having to learn anything or pay a designer. You can probably get the hang of it within 30 minutes.


Click Funnels

Click funnels Landing pages  

Click funnels is the number one place for making a quick high converting landing page, or developing sales funnels. With funnels and linking to different pages you are able to resell to warm leads by tracking with a pixel, to interested buyers that have not quite yet purchased. They are designed for speed, for affiliate marketers, or selling products, and growing email lists. They are a little pricier but will pay themselves off for the time you save. 14 Day money back guarentee.

Top 3 Best Web Hosting Sites 2018

Used By Professionals 

Making A Website

Domain vs Hosting

A domain is the name of your URL or website. This can usually be purchased seperatly from the hosting provider itself. And you register it for how ever many years you like. Namecheap is the best and cheapest network to buy Domains. Hosting is the server provider where your websites Data will be stored and displayed to the World Wide Web. 

If you’re looking to create just 1 website, you should look at Weebly, Wix, or Hostgator. Wix and hostgator are both true 100% drag and drop website builders. However you should keep in mind that Weebly is more integrated for mobile and desktop visual use for your visitors, If you have some content, pictures or text that are not inline, that could negatively affect your viewers perspective of your website. It could still be optimized for mobile and desktop use, just requires more attention to detail.


WordPress is the best place to create websites. With wordpress, there are thousands of plugins and themes that allow you to fully customize your website, to ecommerce, Seo optimized, and tons more. There are so many that you never stop learning what types of tools they have available to make your websites easier. This is where you want to design a website if you plan to have an online career. It takes a little leaning but definitely worth it. You are going to have people show you how to use wordpress, but don’t waste your time with that, there are faster and easier methods to make websites, one of them is called Divi.  Continue reading for more information.


You have to remember the whole point of you creating a website is to attract and engage with visitors, to either make a purchase, buy services, teach or follow your presence. Now everyone is doing that, so you have to create a website that is better than your competition or people wont come back. They might just leave right away. That’s why Amazon and Best overtake many companies. Because they have a very pleasant and appealing website (shopping experience) that people enjoy to engage in.  It might not seem like a big deal to some. But its just as important as operating a physical storefront. If its not appealing, clean, organized, easy to shop, then why would people engage, or trust with that website or company. The mass majority of people would not, they would go to who ever delivers the best content. If your website is not the best, you will lose out on so many potential sales or visits. Think of all the companies that went out of business, because they weren’t doing something right or they were doing everything right except create a pleasant website shopping experience. For instance if Circuit City had a better appealing website, they might have been able to compete with Best Buy, and stay afloat. I liked circuit city stores but, I’ve always been more drawn to Best buys website rather than circuit city.

How to Make the Best Website?

Go with whats already proven to work. So in essence what I am trying to say, is that there are ways to make your website appealing that are already proven to work. For instance there is the Divi Builder, which has become the number #1 wordpress theme. It has beautiful layouts at the click of a button for each of your pages, you just edit your content, There is no guesswork with it because they have optimized and tested there layouts, modules, that are proven to engage visitors. I have came across many highly profitable websites that are using divi theme. Be smart go with the best. Graphic Design is a very key element in attracting visitors.

SSD Vs Hdd  Web hosting servers?

Like a memory stick, there are no moving parts to an SSD. Rather, information is stored in microchips. Conversely, a hard disk drive uses a mechanical arm with a read/write head to move around and read information from the right location on a storage platter. This difference is what makes SSD so much faster.There are many new up and rising Hosting companies, that are cheaper and faster. Just because you haven’t heard of them does not mean they arent faster or better. Some companies focus more on quality rather than marketing popularity. Check out these hosting companies that the pros use Fast Comet, Siteground, Tmd Hosting, A2 Hosting. They all have 24/7 support and very fast.

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