Why Use WordPress? And How To Make It Easier

There are Many Reasons as to why use wordpress, over other website methods. It helps with Seo, expandibility, customization and many more Benefits.


What is wordpress ?

WordPress is a platform where you build your website. You download a theme, and apply it to your wordpress site. From there, you build your website in the background, and apply your text and content in the background where you cant actually see the site as your making it. But there are many plug ins that are also downloadable that are website builders that allow you to create your website visually. A good one is Elementor, there is a free version and then an upgradable version. The elementor is very similar to weeblys builder. There is also Divi website builder. WordPress platforms are also easily transferable to different hosting companies if you ever needed to. 

Why wordpress is the Best method to design a website?

Other Website builders such as Wix arent as integrated and customizable like wordpress. For instance in wix you get very limited contact menus, or button options. However with wordpress the sky is the limit with customization. This is where all the major companies and buisnesses, make their websites. You can add shopping carts and paypal buttons, add videos, high converting landing pages, Seo optimization, website speed and transferable to other hosting companies. With many builders it is very limited. I admit I as well did not like wordpress when i first started using it. There is a learning curve, but once youve got the hang of it youll learn to love it. 

How can i make wordpress easier to use? 

There is an amazing theme and a website builder called DiviDivi is the absolute easiest website builder used in 2018. It is also the most popular downloaded wordpress theme and builder because it makes designing a website fast and fully customizable. You can spend time learning some other website builder platform, but you would just be wasting your time because Divi has unlimited capabilites from colors to fonts, to web design, buttons, to one click page layouts. Trust me ive tried them all out and Divi is by far the best. You can master it in 1 or 2 days. The best part is that it is still in wordpress, so you have the easiness of builders but the capabilites of wordpress. There are also many page layouts that you can use when you buy Divi.

Where can i buy Divi?

Divi is Available for purchase from Elegant Themes down below. You can try it out risk free for 30 days and get a full refund if not fully satisfied. But i guarentee you wont want to. 


Free Divi layouts


Divi WordPress Theme

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